An introduction to data visualization — Hans Rosling’s GapMinder

Many people have seen Hans Rosling’s original TED talk about GapMinder, Stats that reshape your worldview (below). It is, after all, one of the most popular talks on TED of all time. Hans Rosling’s TED Talks have very effectively introduced the idea of visualization to a popular audience. One of the things that we will be exploring in this blog is the difference between visualization and simulation, and how these technologies can be used to explore social innovation.

Rosling also hosted a one-hour documentary, The Joy of Stats. This was broadcast by the BBC in 2010, and is viewable online in full.

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Balance of the Planet — Simulation Game Evaluation

We have been evaluating policy simulation games,
both for design ideas, and for a sense of whether they might be useful for real world policy processes. Balance of the Planet is supposed to allow players to understand problems of a global nature, but is still under development.

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