Negative brainstorming and drilling the problem down (Day 22 of Brianna at OASiS)

cakesmearingtradition_670Cake smearing tradition: “Explain this to me like I’m a person from a country where there isn’t X”

I woke up still full from the birthday party meal the night before. “This is my last Monday in Bhopal,” I thought. On July 25 I will be flying to Chennai, and then making my way to Pondicherry for a workshop on the Rural Education pilot projects OASiS is helping organize.

After a walk and breakfast, I launched into some more writing. I now have alllllllmost all of my internship ‘deliverables’. What I define as a deliverable is changing even as I speak, but so long as I put in a good effort for the next two days I’ll have written and shareable versions of what I came here to get.
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