Guidelines for Contributors

[already published on blog, however it may pay dividends to make this as a living document, and add a line to the blog entry pointing to this document, and then update this document as makes sense. -MT]

Social Innovation Simulation is created using the Visual WordPress theme. Among other things, this allows for the beautiful infinite scrolling, and attractive gridded photographs. A key advantage of this format is that videos can be played right from the main page. The reader can easily sample multiple models without having to drill down. Pieces published on Social Innovation Simulation come in five categories (Design Principles, Prototypes, Games, Tutorials, Stories), as described on our About page.

Here is a handy checklist to ensure that your piece fits neatly with our style criteria:

  • if the piece involves a design principles (even if it is a story), make sure that the design principle is in the title of the piece.
  • use italicized green captions, left justified, immediately under each photograph or image. There should be no space between the image or caption. You can achieve this using a shift-return, or by using a <BR> tag.
  • make sure that there is a graphic at the top, and that it is 670 pixels wide
  • if you wish to only have a graphic on the main page, use a featured graphic, and make sure that it is 326 pixels wide. Re-sizing before upload not only saves space on the server, it makes the page load faster.
  • make sure the more tag is present no more than two paragraphs into the piece
  • use Heading 1, indented, in green, for pull quotes

    “use Heading 1, indented, in green, for pull quotes”

  • make sure that the piece is categorized
  • make sure that it has at least one tag
  • make sure that the author is correct
  • in tutorials, boldface the first sentence, or the first few words of lengthy list items, so that they’re easy to distinguish.
  • where it makes sense, use <code> instead of <pre> — it formats and line-wraps better. For <code> tag, you need to use the Text mode.
  • make sure that there is italicized text about the author at the bottom (or top) if the post is being cross-posted.

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